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November 9, 2021

Produced commercially since 2007, Accoya represents a major development in wood technology that has made the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable and reliable wood from a sustainable source possible.

Extensively researched and repeatedly demonstrated, Accoya has properties that exceed those of some of the world’s best hardwoods.

It is manufactured by modifying wood sourced from well-managed sustainable forests through acetylation without the introduction of toxins. The acetylation process significantly improves hardness and compression strength to give it properties that exceed other materials such as PVC and aluminium.

John Toskas, Director, NICCO Timber Windows & Doors says, “What I like most about Accoya is its versatility, stability and sustainability. When we were first introduced to Accoya, I immediately recognised its potential for use on our projects.

“To date, we have used it on numerous projects, and it never disappoints. The combination of durability, ability to withstand environmental extremes and its green credentials has made it a favourite amongst our builders and architects.”


·       Highly stable

·       Highly durable

·       Ideal for coating

·       Excellent machinability

·       Non toxic

·       Bare foot friendly

·       Structurally certified

·       Sustainably sourced

·       Low CO2 emissions

·       Insect resistant

·       100% recyclable

·       Low environmental impact


Wood resistance to rot and decay is measured on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the most durable. Accoya achieves durability Class 1 in both available classing systems. In fact, windows and doors made from Accoya are highly stable and durable. They will not shrink, swell or distort.

Naturally insulating, and a 40% thermal conductivity improvement over hardwood, they’ll also help keep energy bills down which ultimately reduces our carbon footprint.  

Accoya is an excellent choice for external applications, no matter the environment. Because of its stability, durability and insect resistance, it is and suitable for all climates. It was the perfect choice for the windows at Coogee Pavilion that are constantly subjected to harsh coastal environmental forces.


Accoya is compatible with numerous coating options. Its stability means coatings last longer than on other wood species, resulting in less maintenance in years to come.


Accoya is a natural wood product sourced from sustainably managed FSC® certified forests. With no plastic, resin or other harmful additives it is 100% non-toxic, making it the ideal environmental choice.

Accoya is more environmentally friendly than uPVC, aluminium, steel, and many hardwoods. It has minimal impact throughout its entire life – from production, through its use, right to the end of its life, in fact, Accoya windows and doors help remove CO2 and are now classified as Carbon Negative over their full lifecycle.

Accoya raises the bar in every way. Its performance, finish and sustainability is setting a new industry standard.

If you’re interested in exploring whether Accoya is right for your next project, contact our team or check out www.accoya.com.


Image credits

Architecture & Interiors: ACME

Build: Beebo Constructions

Photography: Steven Woodburn

Location: mimi’s @ Coogee Pavilion Precinct, Sydney, NSW


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