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Aesthetics Of Timber – How To Make Your Space More Inviting

August 8, 2018

Timber is a natural material that can be used throughout your home. It can be used as flooring, tables, surfaces, garden furniture or window and door frames. Aside from being sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly, timber is also a fantastic choice for aesthetic reasons. So how can you best utilise timber to make your house a home?

Optimise Natural Warmth

Unlike other materials like aluminium and plastic, timber’s colouring and surface texture provide a natural warmth. Each piece of wood has its own history and a unique combination of colour, tones and features that add character to a space. Some studies also suggest that the use of natural materials like wood or plants in the home has a calming and relaxing effect.

As well as visible warmth, timber also has fantastic insulation properties. This adds an actual, physical warmth to your home which makes it a fantastic material for window and door frames in particular. It also has low thermal mass which allows it to adapt well to winter and summer temperatures, providing warmth or a cooling effect whenever required.

Timber is a versatile material that achieves the impossible. It can give your space a cool, calm and relaxing feel whilst also maintaining a level of warmth and coziness.

Play With Tones

Because it comes from a natural, living thing, timber comes in all sorts of species, shades and grains. From the lighter properties of Australian Beech and White Oak to the darker hues of Rose Gum or Red Mahogany, you can find a species of timber that compliments your space and fits your personal taste.

Want to make the most of the morning light in a particular room? Opt for a lighter wood and finish to draw it out. Need to make your space feel more cozy? Try a darker timber with warm chocolate or red tones.

You also don’t have to stick to one type of timber throughout your home. You can use different species and grains in different rooms depending on the light, space, decor and function.

Whatever your requirements, there’s a species of timber to match.

A Lick of Paint

Timber is a versatile material that can be painted or stained to your particular taste. From matching that expensive couch you just purchased to making the colours on a particular painting really pop, you can paint or varnish your timber frames to suit the space.

Paint is a great way to add a specific colour to a room whereas varnish is fantastic for changing the colour without compromising the natural beauty of the wood.

And the great thing is, timber can be sanded down and re-painted in a few years time if you ever fancy a change.

For more information on the superior properties of timber, check out our Timber vs Aluminium comparison chart. Or for information on how we can help you find the right window and door frames for your home, contact our team today.

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Aesthetics Of Timber – How To Make Your Space More Inviting

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